Her Sex Drive was Too Much for us Both

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I came home from work early 2 days ago, because of a problem at work where they had to shut down for a few hours. I caught my wife watching gay porn, and chatting with a guy I'd never even seen. It turns out her recently divorced female friend showed her this site. She has some guy in town that she chats to as if they are having sex together and with another guy. She claims they haven't actually had sex. I've had a cuckold fetish for a while, so this actually turned me on.

After talking about how she finds a guy sucking another guy off as the sexiest thing in the world, and about how I wasn't against her fucking him, she ecstatically invited him over for some real life fun .. and she did so immediately. He was here last night. We agreed the best way to handle this was to meet, let them have some alone time, and then come in if he was comfortable with that.

So I got on my computer, played some video games trying to distract me from my raging hard-on. She was screaming her ass off in the other room. I don't know why that is the biggest turn on in the world for me, but it was great. About an hour in, she walks out dripping in sweat and completely naked. She sits on my lap and kisses me for a couple minutes. Then she says she can't take anymore. She needs a small break, but she wants me to get some too.

As she led me back, I was actually expecting for her to give me a turn at fucking her. I should have known better with the way she was talking. She looked me in the eyes. She asked if I would do anything to prove my love for her. The guy was just standing up against the wall with his cock standing hard as fuck.

I agreed, I'd do anything to prove my love. She grabbed my cock massaging it, and she asked if I would suck cock to prove I love her more than anything. I was a little hesitant. We had talked about this before. I wasn't completely against trying it. I wasn't extremely sure I could, but I actually wanted to. I said I would right there.

She looked at me. She said if I was going to do this, I was going to do it right. I was going to get on my knees. I was going to let her put it in my mouth, and I wouldn't stop until I could make him cum, then I better swallow every last drop that comes out of him. As hesitant as I was, this was making me feel like I was going to bust out of my pants, the way she was saying it.

So I walked over, I kneeled down. He put his hand in my hair, and she placed his cock in my mouth. It still tasted like her pussy. I licked while she gave me pointers to focus on the tip. Run my tongue just under the base of his tip. Take it deep. He seemed to be mildly enjoying it, but she was turned on as fuck and ecstatic she actually had a cock in my mouth.

So then she stands up. Puts her pussy against the back of my head, slowly pushing my head onto his cock. I could feel him swell up as she started kissing his neck and putting his hand on her breasts. She told me to suck him good as she kissed him and begged him to cum for her.

He lasted maybe a single minute of this begging, and then he exploded, there was so much cum. I didn't get it at all at first. She made me lick it off the hard wood after I finished polishing his cock clean. He was really enjoying it at that point.

So she says she likes watching guys getting sucked while they cum, but she hates the taste of cum. She wanted to know what I think. He actually tasted slightly sweet, but it was mostly tasteless. She thinks this needs to be a regular thing.

So she laid me back on the bed. She started deep throating the fuck out of my cock. I mean fast, deep, sloppy deep throating, and in between sucking she was jerking my cock to death as she told me how proud she was of her little cock slut. She could feel I was about to cum, so she stopped. She looked at him. She said if he wanted her to be his little fuck toy while I was at work, he'd have to fuck her good and then make me suck him off again. Then she ordered me to suck him some more. So I got on my hands and knees. She put his cock in my mouth, and while I sucked she went to town on my neck. He lasted maybe a few minutes before exploding in my mouth.

We slept in the bed together that night. She kept waking up and pulling one of us up to fuck her, while she directed the other to lick various parts. I don't know how she kept going, honestly. We eventually stopped getting hard, so we just started eating out her pussy. It was a good night. It'll be interesting to see how long this can last, it was pretty intense. I find it immensely hot how she takes control though. It'll just be interesting to see if this makes her sex drive even higher to where I can't keep up, or if another guy will help take care of her problem of being so horny all the time.

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