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So, this happened a few years ago when my girlfriend 27 and I were long distance. But it still drives my crazy. My girlfriend Julie always had a thing for my roomate. Mike my roomate is 6 foot 1 and about 180lbs. It all started when she was visiting one weekend and after a few drinks she started rubbing Mikes leg while watching a hockey game. I caught her doing it and later that night she explained that she wanted to hook up with him and just couldn't help it.

This started to develop into bedroom talk, where we would talk about her fucking him or while I was fucking her I would tell her I was going to invite Mike in to have a turn. This progressed and progressed to the point of us deciding we actually wanted to act on this. So we put the wheels in motion. I came home from work one day and just had a straight up talk with Mike. Basically saying hey, Julie wants to fuck you and if youre into it, I don't mind. You should go for it. Needless to say his mind was blown. He said absolutely and they started to text each other and talk about the next time she came into town.

The build up was intense. We spent a lot of time talking about how it would happen and what would happen and Julie was really turned on by it all. Next time she came to visit she sent Mike a text saying let's hook up tonight. With the ground work layed, we started off a friday evening with us three drinking. I think we all knew what was going to happen but the booze helped ease the nerves. Shots of whiskey were had until we were all drunk.

As the night wore on they started to get handsy in front of me. I told them they should just make out and hook up to which Mike just laughed... I think he was a little nervous still. At this point it was getting late and we were all drunk, so I told them both I was headed to bed. I waited anxiously in my bedroom listening and wondering what they were up to in the living room. Things got quiet and I know they were making out.

Then I saw it peeking out my bedroom door, Julie lead Mike into his bedroom and the door closed. My heart was beating out of my chest. I couldn't wait to find out what happened. I tried to stay awake but I ended up falling asleep and waking up at about 5am to my girlfriend climbing into bed with me wearing nothing but a black g string. I asked her what happened and she explained they made out, she gave him head and they had sex but she didn't get off.

She was still super turned on and recounting what happened between them. She said she wanted to do it again and I told her to have at it. At this point its about 7am and she asked me where our pot was as the hang over was settling in. I told her it was in Mike's room and that she should go get it. She says ok I will...watch this, and proceeds to walk down the hall in nothing but a black g string her ass swaying back and forth confidently, right into his room.

I was left mouth agape shocked and turned on. After a few minutes I crept out of my room and heard the sounds of her getting fucked on the other side of the door. Just a mix of heavy breathing, moaning and the bed shaking. I heard him scream as he got off and her say, "that was awesome." Then I crept back to my room and after about 5 more minutes she came walking in. I couldn't handle it. As soon as she walked in I tossed her on the bed, pulled her panties to the side and dove head first into her freshly fucked pussy.

I could taste the condom that was in her pussy as I licked her. Then she lost it and started begging me to fuck her. I immediately sunk my cock into her and grabbed her by her throat. Dirty talk ensued about how bad she was and how naughty she is as I pounded her pussy. Then as I was fucking her pretty loudly I heard Mike open his bedroom door and walk into the bathroom down the hall. No doubt he heard us. She came hard on my cock and we both passed back out.

Mike had to leave early that morning to go to a football game. We were all kind of blown away that it had actually happened. I sent Mike a text saying basically, "hey I know what happened, don't worry about it, hope you guys had fun. Julie is wild." He replied back immediately saying "thanks man, I was nervous that you would be pissed, glad its all good."

Mike was due home later that night and Julie said she wanted to fuck him again bad but wanted to be sober. That day she showed me how exactly she sucked his dick and the different positions they had sex in. It was incredibly hot. When Mike got home later that night at about 10pm I told them both I was really tired again and was going to head to bed. Again I saw Julie lead Mike into his bedroom and the door close. And I again I crept out into the hall and listened as they fucked. She came out about an hour later satisfied and crawled into bed. I decided to give her some space and not ask her all about it since she was tired but I could tell she really enjoyed it. She was just processing the intensity of it all.

The next morning was a Sunday and Julie had a flight home that night. He basically texted her saying it was wrong and it shouldn't have happened etc. He felt guilty and bad because of our friendship despite me telling him it was all good. Catholic guilt I guess haha. Anyways Julie was kind of hurt at the way he handled it. He moved out about 6 months later and we never talked about it again. He ended up moving to another city. In retrospect our friendship I don't think was ever the same, between us or between Julie and him. I guess that's why you shouldn't play with friends. But all in all I don't think we regret it. It was a crazy hot experience just a shame that he ended it the way he did. Looking back we were never going to be good friends anyway.

Today we are still in the lifestyle... my now fiance is hooking up with a guy 13 years older than us and he's 6 foot 5..240lbs... for comparison im 5 foot 7 and 160lbs. They haven't had sex yet, she wants to wait until we are married. He came over yesterday for an hour and she sucked his cock while I was out of the house. More stories to come... god I love my naughty girl.





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