Thinking of the Waiter while he Fucks Me



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This actually happened last night. My husband and I have been together for 9 years and still have the most amazing sex life, that only gets better the longer we are together. Well last night it started when I came home from dropping the kids off at their activities. I only had a short time at home before I had to turn around to get the kids. As I was headed out the door my husband stops me for a kiss good bye. The house is empty and quiet and as he kisses me.

I can feel his cock getting harder. He looks down at me and says I need a kiss somewhere else too. So I slowly undo his pants and pull his cock out and start softly kissing the tip of his cock twirling my tongue around it and then gradually start slipping his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth, until his entire cock is filling my mouth and my tongue is to his balls. I then slip his cock out and tell him that I was picturing the waiter from the restaurant we visit once a month. He gets harder, as he usually does.

I then tell him I really need to go or else I will be late picking up the kids. He says Okay, but then pulls my breast out of the top of my shirt and starts twirling my nipple around his two fingers, asking me to imagine it was our waiter. So I pull down my pants and reach over to the end table and bend over and tell the 'waiter' to quickly put his cock in me before I have to go. He happily slips his cock in my wet pussy and thrusts me into the table.

After a few thrusts I can barely get out the words that I really do have to go, but he continues to thrust in and out and then says I'm about to cum, I better stop. And he slowly pulls out his cock until his tip is right at my opening. He starts softly rubbing my back with his cock still touching my opening and then slowly pulls his cock back towards my ass then as he rubs my back he starts lightly rubbing his cock around my ass opening. All I want is for him to slide his cock back into me, but I really need to go. So I slowly stand up turn around and gently kiss his lips while my hand rubs his cock and tell him good bye.

On my way to get our daughter he sends me a txt "It made me so hot thinking of his cock around your ass." which makes my pussy pulse with excitement, so I txt back "I can't wait for more ;) "

When I get home and get our daughter settled for bed I go into our bedroom to get ready for the night. My husband is on the computer playing league of legends with a cold beer. I go into the bathroom to start my nightly facial routine, I wash the makeup off my face and put on my Clay Mask and let it sit for a few mins to dry before washing it off, then I continue with the next few steps of my facial. When I'm done I get a glass of wine and go into the living room for "Mommy Time" I queue up our show and wait for my husband to finish his game.

When he walks into the living room he sits his beer down on the end table and leans over and kisses me then pulls out both my tits from the top of my black tank top, leans down and starts sucking my nipples and softly biting them. He looks ups and says, Okay I need to go pour a glass of Scotch now. As he gets up I can see his hard cock thru his black basketball shorts. So I quickly give his cock a little squeeze and tell him to hurry back, or I may have to actually call our waiter instead - btw, this waiter is handsome and 5 years younger than my husband and is studying to become an accountant (not bad!)

When he gets back I am still sitting on the couch with my breast exposed from the top of my tank top and I reach over and start stroking his hard cock thru his shorts, I slowly pull out his cock and slip it into my mouth and call him by our waiter's name. As his cock fills my mouth I can feel my pussy getting more and more wet until I can't take it anymore and I tell him I want his cock inside me. He then pulls my ass to the edge of the couch and pulls my pajama shorts to the side and slams his hard cock inside of me, telling me to scream this waiter's name.

With each thrust I do an in those instants I feel like I am being fucked by the waiter. I can feel my wet pussy pulsate against his cock, I then wrap my legs around his neck and he starts thrusting harder until he says, I think we should stop before I cum. But I don't want him to stop, so I tell him to keep going, he felt too good to stop. He thrusts a few more times then pulls out to shoot his load, the first shot hits straight in my mouth, then more on my forehead I thought he was done but he keeps cumming more in my eye and on my cheek, then my neck and tits are covered with his cum and finally my black tank top is soaked with my husbands cum as he almost yells out, "I want you to fuck him sooo bad!!!'

I had to cover his mouth not to wake our daughter! I am laying there soaked literally head to stomach with my husband's cum and he slips his cock back into me and thrusts a few more times before getting up to get me a towel.

And that is how last night my husband ruined my facial with a facial.





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