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We'll start with a bit of background on us. I'd admitted my sharing proclivities pretty early on in our dating one drunken evening because I knew that I had fallen hard for this girl and wanted to know if this was something she'd never be up for and if I'd have to decide if I was okay with that. After, what seemed like an eternity in my head debating it, I managed to broach the topic.

Long conversation short her response was an emphatic "Sure!". Crisis averted and knew I'd found someone even more special than I'd originally thought.

Fast forward and we've incorporated it into our regular fantasy talk, had her start talking to a past friend she'd always had a thing for, and ultimately finally throwing up an online profile to try and start working towards the real life transition.

Timing was poor on our part as we were trying to get something done in the week before Ava had to leave for work for a month. Nothing pans out and she heads out for work.

So she's now away and we were still throwing around ways to make something happen. Decide on having her trying to flirt openly to see if we get any worthwhile leads and see where things go. There wasn't anything promising the first few days, and the first meetup she had scheduled from her online profile needed to be rescheduled due to work problems. Not going great.

Finally gets a message from someone she likes, and the timing works out. They talk and go through a wants/expectations conversation and make a plan to meet in a town close to both of them. The jist is that everything is on the table depending on how they click in person. A quick note that she and I both have a tendency to let our enthusiasm and libidos get ahead of our emotions. During their exchange she sends him our email so she can send more pictures than just her profile ones to tide him over. Turns out he'd jerked off to her profile ones, many times! She feels like a celebrity.

As the time gets closer my nerves are building. She's remote, we're possibly doing this for the first time, and it seems like I may not get pictures/video, all of which are big for me. Her nerves are building for a lot of the same reasons. The usual "Holy shit are we actually doing this" stuff. After some further discussion she decides she doesn't think she can do it. Between the nerves of meeting up alone and the fact the work she's doing has been extremely stressful she's just not going to be able to be herself. Sends a message apologizing and heads out on a walk.

Hour or two later while she's out and she gets a response back. Due to technology she has to get back to the place she's staying to check it. Rushes back and turns out she got a super awesome understanding message back from the guy. Having had some time to process and some reassurance from me we agree we should table anything sex related until we're both in person but that she should still meet up and have a good time for no other reason than work has been aweful and she deserves some fun. He's still up for meeting and that there's no pressure for anything.

She books a hotel room and heads out.

She arrives at the hotel some time later. Turns out he is actually meeting her at the hotel room to shower due to circumstances before the date. They head out and do the usual drinks and chatting. As expected she's out of communication except for one text saying that she was fairly stressed still and not sure what was going to happen. The plan had basically been that if things went well enough that they'd likely make out and that'd be it.

After the update text I don't hear from her until much later that evening saying that they did manage to make out but that was it, that she was exhausted, and she was going to crash.

I'm turned on, happy that she was able to get that far, and excited we've taken this first step. Turns out there was more to the story. I wake up the next morning to the usual "Good Morning" text. A bit of context here in that she is amazing and sends me a selfie each morning when she's on out of town trips.

This one though is the topless shot of her, which is definitely uncommon. Then I read the message to go along with it: "But here's your morning selfie-his nice big load all over my tits." My heart explodes in my chest and my mind is racing as we haven't had a chance to talk about what had happened.

Turns out that the previous night had consisted of just making out and crashing, but he spends the night in the hotel room with her. The next morning they wake up and he starts jerking off. She helped him a bit and eventually he asks if he can cum on her. She agrees and he asks where. In her usual snarky manner she says "Well that's the dealers choice.". So she lays down for him so he can straddle her, then proceeds to cover her tits in the huge load. She said she could feel it dripping onto her legs as she headed into the bathroom to clean up.

I love the proud look she has in the photo.

Bonus for making it this far: She came home with earrings that were purchased by her with my card as a reward for being such a good slut. Best part is this is what I'll get to imagine every time she wears them.

So overall it's pretty tame when compared to most of the content we see on this blog, but this was a huge step for us and hope to bring more to the table next time we post.

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